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➥ Follow People

Following people makes it easy to discover new music.

You can see what your friends are into, and follow what they've been listening to on Anghami.   
You can follow other Anghami users or your Facebook friends that are also on Anghami. Anyone with a public profile can be followed.
To view your list of followers, you have to access your Profile. Start by Launching the app, then go to Your Library> Settings> Click on your name to view your profile> Followers and following

■ What will my followers see?

  • Your Followers
  • Your Most Played songs
  • Your Followed Artists 
  • Your Recently Played/ Stories
  • Your Followed Playlists 
  • Your Playlists 
  • Your likes 
If you don't wish to show your friends your profile, you can make it private! 

■ How do I unfollow someone?

You can also stop following someone by visiting that person's profile and tap on Following that indicates you are following them and confirm to unfollow.  The button will then become Follow, indicating that you are no longer following that person. 
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