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Update the Audio Quality

Quality matters! Listen to your favorite music the way it's meant to be heard

Anghami allows you to enhance your musical experience by choosing the audio quality of the songs if you are only streaming or downloading too. You can also find the right sound for you with the equalizer.

Are you throwing a party? Turn the quality UP. 

Are you on cellular data and do you want to save data? Turn the quality DOWN. 

You can choose from the following audio quality settings in Stream or Download: 

  1. Data Saver - With Data saver, background videos & animated images in the player will be disabled.
  2. Normal – Equivalent to 96 kbit/s (recommended while on Mobile data) 
  3. High – Equivalent to 160 kbit/s
  4. Pristine – Equivalent to 320 kbit/s

To change the audio quality from the Mobile app: 

1- Tap on My Music on the menu at the bottom of the screen

2- Go to Settings > Music > Audio Quality



In case you have previously downloaded songs in My downloads, the app will download each song you play again in the new audio quality you have chosen. 

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