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🆕 Anghami available now for PlayStation 4!

Anghami is now available for all PlayStation 4 gamers! 

Now, you can download Anghami on your PS4 and enjoy listening to your favorites songs and your own playlists out loud! Furthermore, you can discover more than 30+ Millions songs!

Setup App and subscription

  • The app is available in 3 languages (English by default, Arabic and French)
  • The app is currently available in the MENA region store only.
  • Your account should be on Anghami Plus or you can subscribe instantly when first logging in to the app via your PSN account or opt into Anghami Plus using any of the payment methods available on 


How do I get it?

First of all, you’ll need to download Anghami app from PlayStation Store. Once it’s downloaded and installed, just click start then sign in anonymously or with your account.

For existing users, open the app and go to App Settings> Account > Connect to another device and scan QR code and the app will log you in automatically to your account. Yes! it is as simple as that. 

How to change the app language on PS4? 

After logging in, you should go to Settings > App> Language and pick the language you desire. The app is in 3 languages, English (default), Arabic and French. 


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