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Anghami on PlayStation 4: Troubleshooting

Having issues connecting or playing songs on PS4? Steps to fix them. 

If Anghami app is not working properly on your PlayStation, we advise you to follow the below instructions: 

  1. Power down and unplug your router for approximately five minutes and then power back up
  2. If you are using your PlayStation over a wireless connection, connect your device directly to your router/modem with an Ethernet cable
  3. Disconnect any other devices from your network

If you continue experiencing issues after completing those troubleshooting steps, we recommend also testing the connection directly on the PlayStation 4 using their built-in network connection test. This can help identify issues with wireless interference or other device-specific network issues. From the PlayStation's main menu, go to 

  • PlayStation Settings > Network Settings > Internet Connection Test

If the results of this test match up with your results from as well as Anghami's requirements, then here are some additional, device-specific steps for your PlayStation 4 that may help:

  • Reset the system time and date of your PS4: In the XMB, go to Settings Date and Time > Date and Time Settings > Set via Internet Set Now (if not already on "Set Automatically")
  • Delete Anghami application: Highlight the application, press the triangle button and select Delete. Then re-download the application from the PlayStation Store


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